24 août 2012

Cлабые скажут «не судьба», сильные скажут «я попробую еще раз», а самые сильные скажут «я буду пробовать до тех пор, пока все не будет так, как я хочу».

01 02 42-24083485 04 05 06 07 08 10 You know autumn is coming when: while you're walking down the street you start to notice yellow leaves on the ground; it's getting too cold to stay up late outside but you still do it because you don't want to admit the fact that the summer's coming to an end; you start to wear socks while you're at home; you drink more and more tea; you start to think about school/university; you buy new makeup and nail polishes which colors are more autumn-y. Yes, it's coming. But I'm excited. As for any new fresh start.

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Kotryna a dit…

labai grazios nuotraukos, o rudens kazkodel ir as laukiu:)