26 juillet 2012

the summer of my life

This was the first night of the last four ones when I was sleeping at home. But even tonight, I wasn't sleeping alone but with my best friend with whom yesterday I shared couple of tears when it finally hit us - she's leaving in six days. We have our last six days of this summer when we're together - six days to celebrate every day, get drunk, wear makeup, flirt with boys, catch a tan, have an all-nighter, straighten our hair, have a shower in a rush and then head out, wander around the city, buy booze, wear body oil to make skin look sexy, gossip about boys who we've kissed, skinny-dip, smoke some pot, wear high-heels in which we can't walk properly, remember our old days, scream at the top of our lungs on the rooftop, dance and rap to Gold Digger.

It seems like we both have a great taste for trouble. We do things we shouldn't do and that's what makes this summer so wicked and great and exceptional.
People call us poison ivy because we are always seeking for trouble even when we're not even trying to. For example, yesterday we took some booze that was left from the other night when we were by the lake with some boys, bought a pack of Marlboro's, took our camera with us and got on the rooftop of her house. The sunset was incredible and the whole evening was so... serene but at the same time we had such a blast - we were laughing and crying at the same time. I got drunk. We got to my place and then my parents caught me. So basically today I'm staying home. God, when was the last time a spent a whole day at home?..

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Morning Barbie a dit…

Sveika, jei sekei mane anksciau, tai norejau pasakyt, kad susikuriau nauja bloga


Butu smagu sulaukt nauju sekeju! :)
Buckis, M.