27 juillet 2012

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 So one day I was going somewhere with my best friend, don't quite recall where, but I remember that I was wearing these new shoes and they made my feet sore so bad. So I was walking in pain until my best friend, G., was like oh f*ck it, let's both walk barefoot. So there were we - two of us, walking barefoot in the middle of the town. People who walked past us were smiling and probably thinking what the hell are these two doing but we didn't mind them - just went there, all happy, listening to some old music we love and talking about things. I love her. I honestly love my best friend. Our little adventures are endless.

2 commentaires:

Viktorija a dit…

Kai kvepalai dydžio ;O

neringa a dit…

;D cia gal tik toks ispudis susidaro, Viktorija;D pas mane juk bloge nuotraukos ganetinai padidintos :)