7 juillet 2012

the nights of midsummer

Tonight looked magical. And even though I walked the road hundreds of times but tonight was something special. The night was so tranquil and quiet. So I lit up a slim cigarette, put on my headphones and played Lana Del Rey's Summertime Sadness. There ain't no sadness this summer, though. Only pure melancholy. Because I fell in love with lonesome walks in the middle of the night for no reason - just me, maybe a few cigarettes and haunting music. The beginning of this summer was a bit different from others'. I felt no need to party, be loud and get wild. Of course, there were times when I got a bit tipsy and shared a couple of laughs with boys I just met. But nothing less, nothing more. I wouldn't say I'm starting to get old and get tired of fun & games - no, not at all - it's just that I am so fed up with all the girls' dramas this year so I felt like I needed a moment only for myself and my best friend. Okay, and maybe some Jack Daniels.
Finally, on Monday I'm leaving my home for a little while. Me and my family will be enjoying some sun on the shore of Mediterranean sea. I'm willing to leave the world behind for some time. Because I need to figure some things out - what I want my life to look like, what are my goals and what certain people shouldn't be a part of my life anymore. The timing couldn't be better.
Have a warm night, girls. See you soon.

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Amanda a dit…

good luck figuiring it out xx