26 janvier 2013

my mum is amazing!

My mum just came back from two weeks vacation in Norway at my dad's so she brought me few thingies, that I absolutely love. She has an exceptionally good taste! Especially in jewellery, I love every piece. Oh, and I forgot to put in this lovely black snood that my mum originally bought for my brother but he didn't exactly like it so I snatched it from him. His loss, yay for me! And I must ask - would you guys like to see more personal posts analogous to this one? Or does it bother you? 01 02 03 04 05

2 commentaires:

G* a dit…

tikrai daugiau tokių!:)

Greta a dit…

Aha, viskas juk idomu mum :)) Labai mieli daikciukai!