15 septembre 2012

run dmc, 90s and new york

01 02 03 04 05 06 I'm really sorry for being absent lately but boy is this was a one hectic week! I finally set my priorities straight and completely dove into studying. And even though it was just the second week of school it already feels like half a year. Not much has happened in this short amount of time but I think I've finally reached a decision of where I want to study and spend my last teenage years. It was not only a surprise to my parents but for me also. Because all my life I held this vision in my mind of going somewhere far far away and now all I can say is that I don't want to do that anymore. I kind of want to settle in our capital and study here. Well, what can I say - at least my friends are celebrating this fact. And as for me... I think this is where I belong. At least for now.

2 commentaires:

La Bombe a dit…

man visai tas pats! visada galvojau, kad noriu iškeliauti kažkur toli toooli ir jaunystę praleist ten, svetur. Bet dabar ir aš jau esu apsisprendusi likti ten, kur esu. bent jau kol kas :)

Everyone loves fashion a dit…

labas :) haha visai ne paslaptis! :D O pirkau kur daugiau jeigu ne kauno bazej :D