7 août 2012

pursue happiness

Life looks so perfect at the moment. It's 1:40AM, my friends are going to pick me up at 3AM and drive me to an airport - I'm leaving to Norway for a week.
Someone from the other balcony just lit up a cigarette. I can feel the smell of smoke.
Just random thoughts that I probably shouldn't share. But suddenly I felt like I have something big ahead of me, waiting for me. And at this moment I realized that my life couldn't be more perfect. I think we all just have to learn to appreciate what we have and then happiness will come. I mean, how could we possibly be happy if we would just sit there and wait for that something to happen to save us from boredom? Forget the rules and make your own. Live your life. Pursue happiness.

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Victoria a dit…

nustabus irasas.

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