8 juin 2012

we're the golden youth

04 03 02 07 15 13 12 11 08 10 09 06 05 14 16 We're the golden youth, baby, let me tell you that. We're the ones to drink beer in park with and get into trouble. Our girls put their glitter on eyes, hair and cheeks. Vermouth with lemon is too boring for us so we reach out for some vodka with Schweppes. Us, girls, wear the highest heels with the skinniest jeans. We don't worry about messy hair because it says we had a good party going on. We're the ones who break glasses, fall down the stairs and hook up with wrong people. We love anything golden and anything that looks like trouble. We don't turn down the volume of music, we turn it up. We're the ones to dance until dawn. We are the soul of the golden youth.
Party, get crazy, get wild, get wasted, dance & sing - after all the summer already started so don't hesitate to celebrate it in a wild wild way.

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Everyone loves fashion a dit…

super! kaip as myliu Lana! <3